Internal Console

You can use the Internal Console to control and debug Spyder itself, or as an embedded Python console in your own application.

Spyder Internal Console, with error messages and command output shown

Supported features

The Internal Console supports code completion and calltips, just like a normal IPython Console, along with a number of GUI selection, line-wrapping, buffer, and clear/copy/paste options. You can toggle and customize these behaviors under Internal console settings from the context menu. Additionally, you can use a number of special commands to open a file in a Spyder or external editor, edit or remove variables, run scripts or system commands, get help, and more. See the Help dialog in the context menu for more details on these.

Spyder Internal Console, showing context menu with settings options

By default, all the commands entered in the Internal Console are executed in the same process as Spyder’s. However, you can run the Internal Console in a separate thread by passing --multithread as one of Spyder’s Command Line Options on launch.