Find in Files

The Find in Files pane allows to you perform full-text, recursive content search in a user-defined scope, with advanced features to filter your results.

Spyder Find in Files panel, with search results shown per-file

Choosing search options

The Find in Files tool allows you to select from a number of options to enable searches as broad or refined as you need:

  • To enable case sensitivity, controlling whether matches are returned with a different case than your search text, toggle the Aa button on.

  • To parse your search string as a regular expression, allowing for highly expressive search queries, toggle the :guilabel`Gear` button on.

  • To exclude certain filenames, types, or directories from your search, use the Exclude: text box, which can similarly be parsed as a regular expression with the Gear button to its right.

  • To select whether to search in a specific file, in the current working directory, in a new or previously-used custom directory, or even in entire Projects, use the Search In menu.