Working with Spyder

In this section, you will learn about Spyder’s more advanced functionality, and explore most of the panes.

Beyond the main panes

Explore how to take advantage of Spyder’s functionality beyond just the four core panes.

  • View, manage and save figures with the Plots pane

  • Browse, interact with and open external programs in the in the Files pane

  • Quickly navigate within and between files with the Outline pane

  • Search for text or regular expressions across your entire project with the Find pane

  • Discover and explore structured documentation in the Online Help pane

Improving your code quality

Learn how to improve the quality of your programs using code analysis.

  • Open and use Code Analysis to evaluate the quality and style of Python files

  • Run analysis on a file in the Editor or anywhere on your computer

  • Determine what an error, warning or message means and how to fix it

  • Turn off messages on a line, in a file or globally

Optimizing your code

Learn how to optimize your code using the Profiler.

  • Use the Profiler to find bottlenecks in your programs

  • Run profiling on a file in the Editor or elsewhere on your machine

  • Interpret the results to evaluate function and method performance

  • Use the information to speed up the run time of your code