First Steps with Spyder

The videos in this section provide a starting point for new users who have never opened Spyder before. You’ll get familiar with opening Spyder in different ways, working with the four main panes and customizing the Spyder to your heart’s content.

Getting started

Discover the basics of using the Spyder interface and get an introduction to its four main panes, along with a quick look at the others.

  • Find out different ways to open Spyder

  • Understand the key elements of Spyder’s interface

  • Learn more about Spyder’s four core panes

  • Explore the other default panes

Learning the basics

Learn the basics of using Spyder’s four main panes.

  • Open and edit a file in Spyder’s Editor

  • Run a script in the Editor and see the output in Spyder’s IPython Console

  • Execute basic Python commands in the IPython Console

  • Define variables in the Editor and modify their values in the IPython Console

  • View and interact with the variables in Spyder’s Variable Explorer

  • Get documentation in the Help pane in two different ways


Learn how to customize Spyder’s interface to match your workflow and development style.

  • Choose your preferred fonts

  • Switch between different interface, icon and syntax themes

  • Show, hide, undock and rearrange Spyder panes

  • Split, close and pop out Editor panels